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Lifelong Learning

 No matter how much one may know about the Christian faith, there is no end to the ability to learn more. The more we read, pray, serve, and fellowship – the deeper our knowledge and appreciation of God’s holiness grows, Think of it this way: When one considers that numbers are infinite, the Creator of numbers must be so much more!
Yet, there is a point in one’s life that learning about the Lord begins. Whether as a child, young adult, senior citizen – or even in one’s dwindling twilight of life – knowledge of the Holy One has a starting point. 

Study group


 We at Cape Charles Baptist Church believe that one needs to grasp the Holiness of God and what God requires of everyone is contained in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, known as Scripture.
But if we were to simplify Scripture in a few words to pique your interest, we would say that all of Scripture points to two things:
-We are great sinners.
-Christ is THE great Savior.
Lets learn together what that means. 

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