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Mission Statement

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Adopt-A-Block Northampton started in January, 2012 with a very small group of volunteers eager to serve the Lord. The principal behind it is simple and works with any community in any location. We want to show people in our community the love of Christ by building relationships with them and finding ways to meet their needs. We want them to understand that God has a purpose and a plan for their lives – that they can be different. Finally, we want to teach other people how to fulfill the Great Commission through building relationships with people using two simple ingredients: consistency and servanthood.

AAB Northampton decided to “adopt” a senior citizen complex in Cape Charles as our first serving area. We committed to one building, once a month for six months. We quickly realized that we were capable of serving more than just one building after only two months and from there it has just grown! As of June, 2014 we have adopted the entire complex! 
(There are some residents who do not wish to participate in our program and of course we honor their decision, but they are always welcome to join at any time).

To work together in our community to meet the diversified needs of the individual, the family and the community by assisting with food, clothing and household needs. It is about giving a “hand up,” not a “hand out.” Our motto is to find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it.


The strategy is for the team to knock on the same doors each time we visit. Instead of trying to reach the entire city, we are faithful with one area. We strive to build relationships that lead to salvation and discipleship. Many Christians came to their faith through relationships with other Christians and many people have been hardened to traditional evangelism and preaching methods. They need someone to consistently love and serve them before their hearts will be opened to receive Christ. People often do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.


Our goal is to make Northampton County a better place to live. Come and Join us while we improve the lives of those around us; our neighbors, friends and relatives – one block at a time. 

We meet at 9:00am at Lower Northampton Baptist Church on the third Saturday of each month to pack up and distribute what we have collected, usually food. 


We have grown in “adoptees” as well as volunteers. We have filled additional requests for beds, linens, clothing and other miscellaneous items. We have met for haircuts, items at the grocery store and assistance understanding bills. In addition to the senior citizen complex we have adopted several area families who sought out AAB Northampton. 


We are always open to offering assistance to anyone who needs it and welcome anyone whose heart desires to serve with us. If you are not able to come out on our Door to Door Outreach but would like to make a financial contribution, just contact us at:

- Jyn Albano @ TBD

-Debbie Mears @ 757-650-3083


Donations of any kind are always welcome!

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